Gray Concrete Tray
Gray Concrete Tray
Gray Concrete Tray

Gray Concrete Tray

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This concrete tray has an upscale and earthy vibe. It’s handmade and each one is different. There are no have tos with this piece; you get from it what you need from it!  Need an impactful statement in the entry way, living room table, bathroom counter, or appetizer holder; this stunning piece can elevate and bring visual interest to any space.

No two pieces are alike. From the intensity of the hand mixed colors to the way those colors swirl around the curves of the tray.

Air bubble formation is from trapped air that’s made its way to the surface during the curing process. There’s beauty in imperfection each piece is truly unique.



 Sealed with food- safe sealant

 Best used for serving platter or decorative tray



  • diameter: 13”
  • height: 2”    


How to care for your concrete: hand wash with mild soap

 *Price listed is for cement tray